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Christmas - A Time for Giving

Christmas isn't about presents.

Christmas is about family.

So take a step away from the hoverboard. Put down that jewellery. Because this Christmas you can make a real difference to a cause that benefits families all over the UK. By giving just a small amount, you can support stillbirth research and save the lives of babies in the UK.

11 babies die every day in the UK due to stillbirth. Thanks to your help, stillbirth rates are slowly declining. But we can not rest until preventable stillbirths are stopped, and with 30% of stillbirths unexplained, there is a long way to go. We can only do it with your help.

If you choose to donate to stillbirth research this Christmas, why not try some of these FUNdraising ideas?

- sponsored Christmas party

- a Christmas raffle

- carol singing

- a sponsored walk

- donations instead of presents (Ok this is less fun, but definitely worthwhile!)

What are you doing this Christmas to support worthy causes?

Share below!

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