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News Update April 2013

It is looking like another busy year for our charity.

In February, the report into reduced fetal movements in Wales was published by the Health and Social Care Committee at The Welsh Assembly. I was very pleased to get an acknowledgment as the person who brought the issue to their attention. Some very sensible proposals were suggested as a way to improve the rates and they will now be debated in the Assembly later in the year. To read the report, followthis link.

Our annual ball will take place in Manchester on October 19th. More details will be posted soon. In August, a team of us will be tackling Hadrian’s Wall over 3 days. It is a distance of 84 miles so will be another big challenge. Donations may be made via Virgin Money Giving in due course.

Thank you all for your continued support of our charity. Major policy changes are underway and I am really hoping to see lower stillbirth rates in Wales in the next few years.

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