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June 2012 Newsletter

Welcome to my first newsletter. It has been a very busy year so far, with lots more exciting things to come.

In January, Dr. Heazell, my daughter Lisa and I went to speak to the Health and Social Care Committee at the Welsh Assembly to tell them about the terrible situation with stillbirth. We explained that the statistics had not changed in 20 years and that the UK has the 33/35 worst rates of stillbirth in Europe.

As a result of that visit, they agreed to hold a one day committee to look at the problem in Wales. This is taking place on June 28th and I shall be there to give my evidence.

They have also established the National Stillbirth Working Group for Wales and I am a member of that group. We will be meeting regularly in Cardiff to find ways of reducing the numbers of babies dying in Wales.

Fund raising is going well too. In May, Dr. Heazell and his team from Manchester raised a lot of money running in the Manchester 10K race. Well done to them. Another team ran in the Bristol10K and managed to raise money while beating last years times!

In July we are walking (or in some cases running!) Offa’s Dyke to raise money and awareness for stillbirth. It is 177 miles and will take 9 days to complete. We are looking to raise a lot of money. Every penny makes a difference so please help. You can donate through this website or go to

On September 1st we are holding our 1920s summer ball at Armada House in Bristol. Tickets are £35 and will include a dinner, live music and raffle. Please e-mail me for tickets. It will take you back in time!

If anyone would like to hold an event, eg coffee morning, cake sale then let me know and I can send you some display material. We also have wrist bands for sale at £1 each.

The charity is going from strength to strength and I am very grateful for all the support everyone has given us. Thank you very much and I am looking forward to being able to report reduced stillbirth numbers in the future.

Best wishes, Isobel

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